Food is not the problem

Food is not the problem…it’s the symptom of your problem. Those of us who use food to cope do so because it provides us with a temporary reprieve of dealing with the underlying problems.

The diet and weight loss industry are constantly focused on the food….and if food was really the problem then we would be successful, instead of suffering the pain of regain and relapse.

Going on a diet is like an alcoholic going to detox. It works for a while…its stops the drinking…however it’s solving the wrong problem. We are not looking at the reasons WHY we were using food (or another substance) to cope. So once life gets hard again, the one thing I know to make it feel better in the moment is to eat.

So, if you have tried diets or quick fix weight loss solutions and have not had long term success, you are not alone and it’s not your fault. You have been trying to solve the wrong problem.

I know the pain of being obsessed with food, eating, my body, how I look, what others think of me….. and the lure of a quick fix easy solution is seductive and enticing. I want that pain to go away, and I want it now. Even in the back of our minds when we know it won’t work long term, we convince ourselves that this time will be different. Anything to make the pain go away.

It can be scary to face our past, our trauma, our negative self-talk, our unmet attachment needs. I mean, isn’t this the very reason we have been eating in the first place? To avoid the feelings we think will cripple us? I understand. And, I also know that the only way through is through.  In facing the things we think will be too hard and painful we take away the control they have over us. Then we can start to live an authentic life based on creation rather than reaction.

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