Repiphany – The Story         

The word ‘repiphany’ was created organically out of a conversation Christina Bianchini had with a friend. She was driving down Ioco Road in Port Moody BC, and talking to her friend. He told her IOCO stood for the “Imperial Oil Company” that had been operating in the area since its inception. “Wow,” she said, “I learned something new, it’s like an epiphany!” “Yes,” he said, “although that’s the same thing you said last time I told you that.” They decided then that it was more like a ‘re-epiphany,’ and that was the beginning of the word as we use it.

We define repiphany as realizing something again for the first time.

This word lends itself perfectly to the work we do. It starts with the belief that all of us are perfect, whole and complete, and that we have forgotten. We have allowed our experiences and external influences to dim our light, but the light has never gone out.

As children we know our worth. Then things start to happen as we are exposed to the world, and we alter ourselves and our knowingness.

We are called to lead, teach and inspire others to a ‘repiphany’ of their perfection. To assist others to remember their worth, to uncover the layers of self-doubt, self-rejection that have gotten in the way of living life knowing the depths of who they are. This revealing often feels new when we have forgotten for so long.

We look forward to working with you, in a workshop, in counselling or at an event, to assist you in discovering yourself again, for the first time.


Our Counsellors

Christina Bianchini, RPC, MPCC

Dahne Harding, RCC

Jay Kryklywj, RTC

Kaila Mcanulty, CCC