Before I came to Steadfast Counseling and met Christina, I was suffering from depression and an identity crisis. It was a big step for me to admit I needed help and seek counseling but Christina made the process painless. I felt an instant connection to her and I knew that she completely understood what I was going through. That instant connection allowed me to open up to her and as a result, she has helped me tremendously. Since I started counseling 8 months ago, I feel like a completely different person and that my life has changed in so many ways. There is now a bright future ahead of me because of Christina and I know she has made a huge impact on my life. I couldn’t have done it alone and she was there for me every step of the way!!
L.M., Delta, BC


Tackling depression on my own for over ten years, on and off different medication, wasn’t affective for me so I felt I had no choice but to at least try counseling. I was skeptical about counseling before I went, but I was tired of repeating the same patterns that always left me frustrated and disappointed with the results. Christina’s approach quickly erased any skepticism I had, and I started to see progress very quickly. What worked for me (the skeptic) was her ability to be methodical at times while still maintaining a feel of fluidity and openness. She sets achievable goals but never loses sight of the big picture and what I want to get from our sessions. I find her very sincere and caring while being both professional and easygoing. I never feel pressure to go beyond my comfort level unless I’m ready. I feel I have joy in my life and control over the events that happen to me as well as my reactions to them. I wouldn’t have had such success if not for Christina. Thank you Christina!
B.A.S., New Westminster, BC


My partner and I have been successfully working with Christina for many months. When we first came to counseling, our relationship was hanging together by a single thread. I thought we communicated well, until my partner suddenly told me “I don’t want to get married, and I don’t know if we should be in a relationship anymore”. As hurtful as this was to hear, I knew we needed help and that couldn’t solve our communication problems on our own.

Christina taught us so many things. We had a mirror looking into us showing us that even though our actions and words may be hurtful, there is a compassionate and logical explanation for all behaviors. By exploring our past history and family dynamics, I gained insight into our destructive communication patterns. I learned to have greater empathy for myself through Christina’s caring and insightful questions, and am therefore better equipped to be more empathic with others, my partner included. She helped us create dialogue in a way that allowed us to truly hear the other person.

Christina is an extremely caring and compassionate therapist. Through all the tears and hard work we went through, I can say with confidence that our relationship has evolved as we have reached a new level of communication necessary for a lifetime partnership.

Thank you so much Christina!
T.C., Surrey, BC


“Really enjoy Christina. I love her humor and her sensitivity of others”- T. Norton, Langley

“Christina is incredibly effective- and made the course fun to be a part of.”- A. Ebbs, Ontario

“I attended a self-development seminar that Christina facilitated. At the time I was a facilitator in the business environment so I have seen many different facilitators and styles. I have to say, Christina is one of the best I have seen. She is an excellent facilitator; humorous, engaging, able to read the audience and cater to individual needs and well informed.”- K. McKenna, North Vancouver

“Christina is an inspiring, energetic, positive and creative person to work with. As a team player, she brings enthusiasm and focus to a group, making it easier for everyone to feel excited about participating fully and contributing to the max. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with Christina again.”- M.Watts, Victoria

“It was our good fortune to have Christina Bianchini speak at The H.O.M.E Society’s very first Leadership Retreat. It’s clear that Christina draws her motivation from an inner strength deep rooted inside along with her own personal experiences. She is bright and very funny, and her message was and is highly compelling. She left the leadership team energized by her presentation. She connected with every participant with her engaging manner and listened to everyone who had something to say. We are grateful for the opportunity to have spent a day with this wonderful speaker.”-The H.O.M.E Society