Sometimes we can come to a deeper understanding of ourselves in the presence of trusted others. For this reason, I periodically run group therapy sessions with pre-screened individuals who wish to learn, explore and interact with others.

Group therapy

  • addresses feelings of isolation, providing relief in the knowledge that one is not alone, unusual or strange in the issues they face
  • allows vicarious learning about oneself and relationships by witnessing the work of other group members
  • enables learning about one’s relationship dynamics by exploring the actual relationships in the group
  • demonstrates that change is possible by seeing others who have made progress with similar problems

Typically, such groups will include 6-12 individuals who have already done some personal work (therapy) and will meet with me on a weekday evening for 6 to 10 weeks. Sometimes these groups focus on a particular issue (such as emotional eating, anger or abandonment). At other times, the groups are more open and follow the consciousness of the group as a whole.

Please contact me for the schedule of upcoming group therapy.