There are times in our lives when each of us is faced with a problem, pain or dilemma. Most people spend their entire life avoiding the pain they fear will be unearthed in facing their current and past struggles. This anxiety is pacified with numerous unhealthy behaviours, and often in the form of physical, mental or emotional addictions. Anything not to feel; abusing alcohol, drugs or food; being a relationship junkie or avoiding relationships all together. I offer a compassionate and open space to explore and heal past hurts and move forward with claiming the gifts that come from facing our struggles.

I believe that each of us desire a life that is rich, passionate and full of love and joy. I strive to support my clients to uncover their innate ability to create the life they want. Often this potential is limited by false beliefs that we have made up about ourselves as a result of the experiences we have had. Counselling offers a way to heal the pain from our past, and to correct these false beliefs that keep us from living the life we want.