For Teens
It’s not always easy being a teenager these days. Aside from the usual pressures that come with moving into adulthood, today’s teen is faced with more academic and social pressures, and far fewer supportive resources. Anxiety, anger, depression and despair often lead to an increased prevalence of unhealthy coping strategies: among them, school avoidance, self-harm (cutting), eating disorders, and drug use.

Sitting in a stuffy office with another serious adult who they think “doesn’t get it” may only continue to reinforce how alone they feel in the world. Christina’s fun, open and kind approach includes more activity based therapeutic practice. Teenage clients quickly feel comfortable and relaxed enough to open up and learn new skills to deal with their emotions.

I have helped teens with the following issues: Social Anxiety, School Avoidance, Dealing with Parents, Self-Harm, Eating Disorders.

For Parents
Having a teenager who is suffering in some way is hard to watch, especially if what you are trying is not working. It’s important to know that you are not alone, and that many parents of today’s teens feel a sense of powerlessness to help them.

Parents need as much support through this process as their children. Understanding what is behind your child’s behaviour and emotions, will help to shift your relationship from one of constant frustration, to one of improved communication and connection. Healing the whole family is integral to the successful outcome of therapy.

I have supported parents who are dealing with anxious teens, or need help setting healthy boundaries.