What to Expect

With us, you can expect kindness and openness. There will be days we will laugh together, and days we might cry. Your counsellor is on your team, behind you, with you, every step of the way.

First Session
The first session is much like a first date. Often new clients report feeling a little nervous before the first session, and that is normal. We often feel nervous when we try something new and don’t know what to expect  We will talk about your goals, and it’s an opportunity for us to connect and get a feel for each other. Counselling is personal work and it’s important that you feel comfortable working with us.

Counselling is a personal choice, and the length of counselling is just as personal. Some people prefer brief therapy of 6-10 sessions when they want some practical application for more immediate issues. Longer term therapy is often sought out when issues are more complex, further personal development is desired, and is applied to changing behaviours that have developed over a longer period of time.

Clients often start out with weekly sessions, and then move to bi-weekly, and longer. The goal of therapy is to take your new skills into your life, to practice and integrate.

When your counselling has been successful it’ll feel like something has changed, or something is different. You feel more hope and self-confidence. You are trying out new behaviours and they are working. People may react differently to you, and they may comment that something about you has changed.

You will also likely notice that you are having different results in your interactions with people. In the end, you are the one who makes the decision about whether therapy has been successful.