Connecting Counselling & Energy Work

An Interview with Kareen Pelletier Counsellor and Reiki Master

 Kareen, tell me a little bit about what you do?

When I am asked about what I do, there really is no short answer that fully explains the process.  When I work with someone for whatever they’ve come to see me for, I have a two part approach to their treatment: one is on the physical level (the here and now) as Counsellor, and the other is on the energetic level as Reiki Master and Past-Life healer.  My focus as a Counsellor is not only based in the physical world, but also on how past life traumas can affect my clients in this current incarnation. Through this approach, I offer my clients new ideas, teach them new skills to help change the responses, and assist the person with authentic transformation. The Past-life connections to trauma can be so strong at times that they result in a continuation of effects upon the body, mind and spirit to the detriment of the person in this lifetime.

How would you describe the lasting effects of trauma (both current and past life experiences)?

I have found the easiest way to describe the lasting affects from previous trauma is, think about when you last baked a lasagna or casserole… after the meal is done you wash the dish and there’s something left on the dish, not really food anymore but there is something there. That’s what residual trauma looks like to me… it’s a leftover piece, an echo, a vibration in the persons energy field to what happened before. This can result in fears, sometime irrational responses to simple things or events, unknown and unconnected worries, sometimes even allergies and in the more extreme cases a duplication of the trauma which happened before which may even lead to dis-ease.

What are some of the ways you help people heal and release stored trauma?

In a culture where there are many differing beliefs, each being valid for the person who believes them, the one thing that we all seem to agree on is the “gut feeling”, the “instinct”, or “feeling” about something. Some may call it their intuition, some may say its a message from their higher self or some may discount the feelings all together and push against the inner voice/advice. This can lead to a disconnection for the person to their learning, their journey and to their inner self. Taking a moment to ground, breathe and then reflect on how the dis-harmony within the body manifests outward is a large part of the process in healing for the person.

Why is it important to treat and reconnect to the “whole body?”

When we treat the body as a whole being, supported, validated and held “sacred”, the person is in the energetic space to experience a deep, fundamental change. The journey of transformation can sometimes be painful, heartbreaking, beautiful, profound and ultimately one that can change the way a person lives and interacts within themselves and with those in their lives. From my own experience, the times when I have learned the most are also the times that have been the most painful and have led to greater vulnerability within my self and with those closest to me whom I feel and know to be worthy of that openness.

Is there a right way to approach healing?

When approaching healing in any form, it is always good to remember that, like with meditation there is no right or wrong way to meditate, there is no right or wrong way to approach healing.  Nobody knows your inner thoughts and what is ultimately right for you except you. Trust in yourself.  Pay attention to your inner feelings, your inner thoughts which may start the process to a deeper awareness of yourself or which may lead you further down the path to your own healing and realization.