Lindy van der Burg

Lindy van der Burg (she/her) is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC #2755) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada.

My background is in wholistic health and wellness, with over 20 years’ experience in massage therapy, yoga, conscious connected breathwork and other healing modalities.

Now, I come full circle back to the art of talk therapy where it is my honour to work with individuals on their own unique paths to personal empowerment.

Often, through a deeper self-inquiry, we are able to unravel limiting beliefs and find self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love.

My passion is to facilitate authentic expression through embodiment practices and my goal in counselling is to provide an environment for my clients where authentic expression can be realized. To me, one of the greatest challenges and rewards in life is to be comfortable in our own skin, at ease in the world and in relationship.

Areas of counselling expertise

  • Life transitions (Mid-life, career change, empty nest)
  • Mental and Physical Health (Anxiety, Depression, mental/emotional effects of chronic pain/illness and trauma held in the body)
  • Personal Empowerment (assertiveness for women, healing chronic shame)
  • Healthy Relationships (conflict resolution, codependence)

Therapy modalities Lindy uses in her counselling practice

We bring awareness to your experience in the world through what is occurring in the present moment. I will ask you questions about your family history and look at how it may relate to your current situation. We will use sketches to illuminate patterns, themes and make unconscious material conscious.

With support and guidance, you will find, build and expand on your inner strengths and resources to create a more balanced life and a healthier state of mind.

Personal qualities / strengths as a counsellor

I provide a safe space for you to begin to expand your awareness of self.

My friends and colleagues find me a calm, grounded and gentle presence willing to listen and understand your concerns in a very open and compassionate way.  I am here to uplift, encourage and support you in your own self-empowerment.

Education and professional development

  • Transpersonal Therapeutic Counselling (Clearmind International Institute)
  • Practitioners Training Teaching Assistant (Clearmind International Institute)
  • Facilitator – Conscious Connected Breathwork (Robin Clements)
  • Yoga Teacher Training (Colleen Felgate)
  • Nervous System Regulation through energy work
  • Holistic Medicine (South Pacific College of Natural Therapeutics)
  • Ongoing areas of study: Trauma Healing, Polyvagal Theory

Lindy van der Burg, RTC

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