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Transform Your Relationships 

Individual, Couples and Group Counselling

Repiphany Counselling offers sessions in person, online and via telephone. In-person sessions require client screening and enhanced cleaning protocols. As of March 11, 2022, wearing masks in indoor spaces is now optional, as per the BC PHO. 

Relationship Counselling

Individual Counselling

  • Have you and your partner become more like roommates than lovers?
  • Do you get caught up in cycles of blame, criticism, withdrawal or the silent treatment?
  • Has infidelity driven a wedge of distrust and guilt between you and your loved one?

Repiphany Counselling’s therapists can help you heal emotional bonds and restore feelings of closeness, trust and safety.

  • Are you ready for a change?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Do self-defeating patterns affect your sense of fulfillment in life?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety, fear or depression?
  • Do you feel alone?

Stop struggling and unleash your innate ability to create a life of joy and fulfillment.


A repiphany occurs when you have that “aha” moment — where you have sat with the truth and your soul knows and resonates with it. It knows its true from the deepest part of who you are, the part untouched by impossible societal standards. The deepest part that knows you are whole, complete, loveable enough… perfect the way you are.

Each one of us has within us the natural ability to heal. It is our resiliency that is both innate and expansive which supports us on our journey to experience more than just what has happened to us.


Repiphany Counselling is a group of exceptionally dedicated counselors committed to supporting our clients to reach their therapy goals. We consider ourselves progressive therapists, engaged and interested in your healing and growth — your therapists when it’s time for real lasting change.

Day, evening and weekend appointments available.

Christina Bianchini
Christina BianchiniRPC, MPCC
Stella Ndunda
Stella NdundaRCC
Dave Scully
Dave ScullyRCSW
Jay Kryklywyj
Jay KryklywyjRTC
 Wyatt Creyke
Wyatt CreykeRCC
Dianna Mould
Dianna Mould RTC
Fiona Demers
Fiona DemersMC, CCC, CCS
Lindy van der Burg
Lindy van der BurgRTC
Regan Beebe
Regan BeebeCCC
Cayla Steinbach
Cayla SteinbachRSW, RCC
Jane Jewitt
Jane JewittRTC
Kathleen Jaggassar
Kathleen JaggassarRCC, CCC
Marta Torok
Marta TorokRCC
Adejuwon Adeleye
Adejuwon AdeleyeRCC
Julia Fixsen
Julia FixsenRTC
Sandeep Nagra
Sandeep NagraMA, RCC-ACS, CCC
Erica Moore
Erica MooreRCSW
Sarah White
Sarah WhiteRCC
Savina Purewal
Savina PurewalRPC
Trevor Krull
Trevor KrullMasters Counselling Candidate
Sameer Sadhir
Sameer SadhirMasters Counselling Psychology Practicum
Kelly Daigle
Kelly DaigleMSW, RSW
Tanya Horne
Tanya HorneRTC
Sonia Thibeault
Sonia ThibeaultCCC

FNHA Mental Health Benefit

First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) provides clients with Mental Health Benefit counselling services from registered mental health providers, including psychologists, clinical counsellors and social workers. Your plan will cover as many hours of counselling as you and your counsellor determine you need.

FNHA Mental Health Therapists

The following therapists are approved FNHA mental health providers. New clients may be limited/full.