Wyatt Creyke

Wyatt Creyke (he/him) is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) #18070 with British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors and holds a Masters of Education Counselling degree from the University of Northern British Columbia.

I am rooted in a Person Centered & a Trauma Informed approach. I believe humans have the capacity for change and growth but are often stumped by exterior obstacles, self-doubt, and/or pain that originates from traumatic experiences. I believe that my role is to provide support through empathy, acceptance, and a deep natural inquisition and curiosity I have for all human experiences which drives my love for connection and meaning. I believe all people are the experts on their own lives and know what is best for themselves, that there is strength in vulnerability, and that growth happens when we take risks.

I was born and raised in Northern BC and am a proud Indigenous person who is motivated by social injustices. I believe my lived experience, self-exploration, and self-discovery of my identity have profoundly shaped my practice for the better, allowing me to empathize with many different cultural perspectives, orientations, and identities distinct from my own.

Areas of counselling expertise

  • I have a drive and love to work with identity and general self-discovery. I also have experience working with anxiety, grief, depression, and anger.
  • I have worked with many adults facing addictions, trauma, anxiety, depression, and/or loss.
  • I also have worked at public agencies as a Youth Alcohol and Drug Counsellor, and am currently doing remote community work.

Therapy modalities Wyatt uses in his counselling practice

My first concern above all else is safety, which is facilitated by a Trauma-Informed lens. My main framework in therapy is Person-Centered; always trusting the client to decide what is best for themselves. I believe all people have strengths and resiliency and an inherent drive to be well. I believe goals can happen through planning, but often, they manifest organically through insight and discussion.

Personal qualities / strengths as a counsellor

I believe a relationship of connection, empathy, and acceptance is the base for therapy. I always strive to maintain a meaningful relationship with my clients that encourages openness, honesty, and self-discovery. I am perceptive and curious, which helps me in further understanding another’s experience, no matter how different from my own it may be. The quality I hold highest in myself, as both a counsellor and as a person, is my affirmed belief in hope.

Education and professional development

  • Bachelor of Psychology with a minor in First Nation Studies
  • Masters of Education – Counselling
  • Northern BC Crisis Centre and Suicide Line Volunteer
  • ASIST Suicide Prevention Training Program

Wyatt Creyke

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