Online Therapy 

At Repiphany Counselling, we want to support your mental wellbeing and your therapy journey — at your convenience, from where you are.

With therapy sessions via online video or telephone, you have the support, guidance and expertise of your therapist remotely. We use online video platforms that are compliant with privacy laws in Canada. It’s therapy from the comfort of your own space, on your schedule. All you need is your phone/computer and a Wi-Fi connection.

How It Works With Online Video Sessions

A link to join an online video will be sent to you 30 minutes prior to your appointment time through our automated booking system (Jane app).

Tips For Setting Up Your Space With Online Video Sessions

  1. A device and secure Internet connection is required (hardwire vs Wi-Fi can be better)
  2. Find a comfortable private space where you will not be distracted, interrupted or overheard.
  3. Limiting a browser for online therapy purposes only may increase better connection.
  4. Set your device on a table so the camera can see you from the waist up.
  5. Direct bright light onto your face and leave the background darker so you can be seen clearly.
  6. Have a few things handy. Example: a glass of water, notebook, pen, and a box of tissues.