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We are a group of exceptionally dedicated counselors committed to supporting our clients to reach their therapy goals. We consider ourselves progressive therapists, engaged and interested in your healing and growth — your therapists when it’s time for real lasting change.

Day, evening and weekend appointments available.

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Christina Bianchini
Christina BianchiniRPC, MPCC
Dahne Harding
Dahne HardingRCC
Jay Kryklywyj
Jay KryklywyjRTC
Kareen Pelletier
Kareen PelletierRPC
Rilla Lodge
Rilla LodgeRCC
Josh Van der Meer
Josh Van der MeerRSW
Devon Roy
Devon RoyRCC
Whitney Sundman
Whitney SundmanRCC
 Wyatt Creyke
Wyatt CreykeRCC
Dianna Mould
Dianna Mould RTC
Fiona Demers
Fiona DemersCCC
Lindy van der Burg
Lindy van der BurgRTC
Regan Beebe
Regan BeebeCCC