Dating Coaching

“Feeling close and complete with someone else [is]the emotional equivalent of finding a home”

― Amir Levine


Attend one, attend them all! $33 per couple per night (plus taxes & fees)

  • July 6: Building Positive Vibes
  • July 20: Let’s Talk About Sex
  • August 3: Creating Epic Date Nights
  • August 24: Listening with Love

This is being done in a webinar format to provide privacy, meaning that names and video will not be public. Plus, recordings will be provided for those who register, but are unable to make the live events.

The aim of dating coaching is to help people be more conscious in their dating, so that, with enhanced awareness, their activities and choices better serve them to attract and create a successful love relationship.

Above all, dating coaching helps individuals to hold on to and be true to themselves, ensuring that they do not lose track of who they are while they are swept into the early “falling in love” phase of a new relationship.

Remember we have a desire and a drive for closeness in relationship and therefore, a desire and drive NOT to lose them. Often, in an effort to not lose them, we start to discard parts of ourselves that we think they might not like or that might not fit with elements of who they are. We may do this consciously or unconsciously, but the result is that it becomes harder and harder to hold onto our authenticity and know who we are in the relationship. Until one day we might think, “Hold up. This isn’t me. I’ve lost myself here.” This can be prevented by holding true to ourselves from the outset, even before meeting our future partner.

What is conscious dating?

Conscious dating is about being aware and awake to who you are and what you want and actually, purposefully, looking for that. Unfortunately, we often are so unconscious in our dating that we just fall into relationships rather than actually figuring out whether or not the relationship will work for us.

When preparing to date more consciously, the biggest question to ask ourselves is “Who am I?” The thing is we get so distracted by so many other things that we’re not present for or tuned into ourselves and other people, and we we’re not practicing things like mindfulness and awareness.

Being conscious in our dating means taking the time to be still with ourselves and figuring out who we are and what we want. It’s important to not only know this, but to be purposefully aware and shape our actions accordingly.

Hot Tip: How to be more conscious on your next date

The hottest, most conscious thing you can do is to be present and attentive to the person sitting across from you. (Yes, this includes turning off your phone!) Look into their eyes. Listen to what they're saying, maybe even repeat back to them what they're saying. Use your active listening skills. Be attentively interested in who is sitting across from you. And be vulnerable yourself. Share something about you. In a long-term relationship, recall some of the great experiences you’ve shared, memories of when you first met, or things you want to do or discover together in the future.