Trevor Krull

Trevor Krull (he/him) is a student member of the BCACC. He is currently pursuing his MEd in counselling psychology at the University of Northern British Columbia, and has completed the coursework and practicum components of his degree.

As a counsellor, my goal is to provide a non-judgmental space where individuals feel heard and understood. I believe that everybody has within them the capacity for healing and growth, and counselling offers us a way to tap into that potential by helping us better understand how we relate to others, ourselves, and the world around us. My practice is built on a foundation of compassion, empathy, and trauma-informed care.

I work with my clients collaboratively to promote personal growth, which looks different for every client. Counselling with me involves developing insight into how and why we feel the way that we do. This increased awareness, in combination with developing skills to better regulate our emotions, helps to reduce the kind of distress that comes with feeling stuck, anxious, or hopeless. Clients who work with me report feeling lighter and more comfortable being themselves.

Areas of counselling expertise

  • Grief and loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Couples counselling (Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples)
  • Traumatic injury (violence, abuse, relationship trauma)
  • Burnout (secondary trauma, compassion fatigue)
  • Suicidal ideation

Therapy modalities Trevor uses in his counselling practice

My approach to counselling is based primarily on humanistic principles (empathy, congruence, self-determination, etc.) while also integrating elements of existential and psychodynamic theory. In short, I believe that our early relationships shape the way we engage with the world around us and how we find meaning in our lives. I welcome conversations with clients about their feelings in relationship with me and about the counselling process, as a way of promoting increased self-awareness, authenticity, and intimacy in their own relationships.

Personal qualities / strengths as a counsellor

I come to counselling with a decade of experience working in the social services and education fields, and with years of experience as a client in therapy myself. Like all of my clients, I am also a work in progress. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to do this work, and feel a deep sense of compassion and responsibility towards each individual I work with. I do this work because I am driven by a genuine desire to help others, and because I want to provide for others the same benefits that therapy has given me.

I have decided to add an extra year to my studies by working on my MEd thesis. My research interests include psychosis and schizophreniform disorders, and the experiences of clinicians who work with them. I welcome opportunities to collaborate with mental health teams in supporting individuals who live with psychotic disorders.

Education and professional development

  • MEd, Counselling Psychology, UNBC (in progress)
  • BA, Psychology, UBC
  • Suicide & Crisis Intervention training (FH crisis line, VictimLink BC)
  • Trauma-Informed Counselling, University of British Columbia, Dr. Linda O’Neill
  • EFT Couples Counselling, University of British Columbia, Dr. John Sherry

Trevor Krull, Masters Counselling Candidate