Individual Counselling

It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole.

― Rupi Kaur

Individuals often come to therapy when:

  • They feel stuck and what they are currently doing is not helping to solve the problem or ease the pain, or
  • They want something more, a better relationship, personal fulfillment, and don’t know how to get there or stay the course.

There are times in our lives when each of us is faced with a problem, pain or dilemma.

This is a normal and natural part of the human experience. In fact, these struggles are where we grow and learn about who we are and what we need. The problem is that we have become a society obsessed with feeling good all the time and do not see these periods for the opportunities they offer.

Most people spend their entire life avoiding the pain they fear will be unearthed in facing their current and past struggles. This anxiety is pacified with numerous unhealthy behaviours, and often in the form of physical, mental or emotional addictions. Anything not to feel — abusing alcohol, drugs or food; being a relationship/love addict or avoiding relationships/love all together.

Each of us desires a life that is rich, passionate and full of love and joy.

That is a life we can create for ourselves if we are willing to do the work and live more consciously. It requires that we:

  • are connected to ourselves and experience our full range of emotions,
  • engage in the healing process and work through limitations that keep us from moving forward, and
  • connect meaningfully with others and cultivate a sense of belonging in the world.

Counselling helps

Counselling is the process of working with a trusted professional to gain a deeper understanding of your problems and to acquire new skills for coping and problem-solving. Perhaps more importantly, it is an opportunity to gain insight, for self-reflection, to be seen and heard. Counselling offers:

  • Illumination of the false beliefs that we have made up about ourselves as a result of the experiences we have had, and to re-frame those false beliefs that keep us from living the life we want,
  • A way to heal the pain from our past,
  • A compassionate and open space to move forward with claiming the gifts that come from facing our struggles,
  • An experience of authentic connection within the therapeutic relationship, and
  • Support to uncover your innate ability to heal and create the life you want.

Our Individual Counselling Services

Truly knowing ourselves is fundamental to a life well lived. And yet, we rarely give ourselves the time to reflect on who we are, where we are and where we want to be. A counselor can help figure this out and help chart a path forward to the life experiences you truly want.

In a 2018 survey of 1,500 Canadians, 41% identified themselves as someone who struggles with anxiety.  It’s possible to not have a diagnosable disorder and still feel anxious or depressed in ways that negatively affect your life experience.  It’s also possible to not even realize that it’s anxiety or depression or both that are creating havoc for you.

Trauma is what happens to you as a result of what was done to you or by the absence of loving and safe caregivers. When not addressed in a healthy manner, the effects of trauma can seep into many areas of our life (relationships, employment, personal choices) and can even carry forward into the next generations.

Teenagers face the same levels of stress as adults, but without the life experience and knowledge that adults have to draw on. Their challenges, pressures and stress can lead to anxiety, and that in turn can negatively affect choices, actions and experiences. Youth counselling provides valuable support in making changes and taking steps forward towards personal goals.

Play Therapy is best suited for children ages 3 – 9 and is a process of allowing children to express their feelings and inner world through the medium of play. Like adults, children need to make sense of their experiences, but might not have all the words adults do. Play Therapy gives children the space to express themselves with a counsellor through play.

Our consumer-focused society surrounds us with messages of fixing what’s wrong with our bodies by buying the advertised products. Said another way, we’re surrounded with messages that tell us we’re not good enough as we are. It’s easy to take on that belief and short-change our potential in the process. But it’s not true! Each of us is not only “good enough,” but our bodies, not matter their size or shape, give us life and allow us to give our unique contribution to the world.

When considering personal gender identity issues, experimenting with your gender of choice, or courageously living your true self, it can be extremely helpful to have the support of a trained therapist. They provide a safe, non-judgmental and supportive space for you to fully express your fears and hopes, and can guide you become who you’ve always been.

You are not your addiction. At the moment, an addiction (to drugs, alcohol, sex, food, or almost anything) may be controlling the choices you (or a loved one) are making. And these choices are having negative consequences. That realization is a starting point. With counselling it’s possible to become more conscious of why there’s an addiction, what alternative options there are, and how to take back control of your choices.