Hi! I’m Christina, a therapist and workshop facilitator with a background in personal development and a keen interest in the intersection of psychology, spirituality, quantum physics and energy work. I have a delicious life, and even juicier conversations with friends, colleagues, and fellow travellers. I invite you into these conversations to explore the depths of our humanity, and the heights of consciousness.

Upcoming Episodes

Episode 5: A Deep Dive into Love with Susan Flueck & Colette Freeman

Past Episodes

Episode 4: The Practice of Conscious Creativity with Dahne Harding, Shauna Harper & Natassa Zurek

Episode 3: Re-Opening to a New Way of Being with Susan Flueck & Collette Freeman

Episode 2: Relationships: Mastering the Self Through the Other with Susan Flueck & Colette Freeman

Episode 1: The Heart of Self Mastery — Practices for Choosing Love in the Face of Fear Susan Flueck & Colette Freeman