Relationships: Mastering the Self Through the Other

Christina is joined by Healing Practitioner Susan Flueck and Angel Therapy Practitioner Colette Freeman for this heart centered webinar. They share insights, learning and best practices for mastering our relationship with ourselves and each other

Right now (in May 2020) we are in a unique position. We are spending much less time distracted by the busy-ness of life, and many of our unhealed aspects of self are rising to the surface. You may notice them being triggered by time spent sitting with yourself, or by your interactions with others (especially those in close quarters). Each of these “agitations” are clues… gifts to help liberate you to your highest self.

We invite you to join us if you are being called to step into:

  • Awakening your relationship to your whole self through curiosity, observing and self love (all of you is welcome here!)
  • Harnessing your potential for growth, healing and awakening in your relationship struggles
  • Building resiliency through the willingness to open your heart and mind in the midst of uncommon times.


In This Episode

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