Re-Opening to a New Way of Being

Christina is joined by Healing Practitioner Susan Flueck and Angel Therapy Practitioner Colette Freeman for this heart centered webinar. for this heart centered webinar. They will be sharing insights, learning and best practices for mastering our opening into a new way of being in the world.

Right now (May 2020) we have an opportunity. As we emerge from the cocoon of isolation, we have an amazing opportunity to consciously evolve ourselves and transform humanity.

The pause that we have all experienced as a result of the world dynamic has led many of us into a deeper relationship with ourselves. The pause was an opportunity to be with ourselves and to observe the imbalance or incoherence between body, mind, and soul (personal trinity). The outer world clearly reflected to us an imbalance in our world. This was a mirror for each of us to do the same.

As we begin the process of re-opening parts of our lives (business, economy, social connection) we are being called to consider what is most important and to re-enter our lives differently. We often put our attention on what makes the most noise in our lives, and the busy-ness of life can distract us from our essential nature, the small still voice that exists in us all. We each get to decide how we are going to show up and be after this experience.

We invite you to join us if you are being called to explore the following questions:

  • How do we re-enter our lives after this event? How do we integrate the gifts that were revealed as we return to our lives?
  • What is most important to me? What has been emerging as my deepest values?
  • How do I hold onto myself as my distractions and attention to more things increases? How can we refocus without losing the momentum of the quiet stillness of what our hearts may have revealed?
  • Where do we need to put emphasis to ensure balance (coherence) between body, mind, and spirit?

The present moment is providing space to be, to observe, to listen, to practice, moment by moment, the Heart of Self Mastery.


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