Stop Waiting & Start Creating Your 2020 VISION!

At the beginning of a new year, people reflect on what they want and what goals they want to achieve for the coming year. There is definitely a lot of energy about new beginnings vibing in the air! So many of those goals (or resolutions) are quickly forgotten or become laborious because we have not changed who we are simply by stating we want something different! Most of us have been conditioned or hardwired to our comfort zone, maintaining what we already have because we are setting our intentions from the place or vibration of what we already have. In order to create something new, we have to stop rehearsing our past and come from a place other than our old conditioned mind.

Intentions that come from our heart bypass our old programming, fear and limitations. Our heart is limitless and can harness the true power of intention. Carlos Casteneda referred to intent as a “force that exists in the Universe” that when harnessed ” sets up the path for attainment”. This means the power of intention is ever present, always waiting to be called upon. In fact, everything in the world as we know it was created out of intention. The acorn intends to become an oak tree, just as the caterpillar intends to become a butterfly.

By setting a clear intention from the deepest desire of our heart, we actually leverage universal energy to support us in getting what we want. It’s synergy at its best.

This year’s 2020 Vision workshop is designed to get you in touch with your heart’s deepest longing to create a vision for your year that is in alignment with the next steps on your journey. Through a series of guided exercises, self-reflection and connected experiences, be prepared to leave this workshop with your clear inspired 2020 vision.

  • Set a clear intention for how you want to inhabit your days in 2020.
  • Connect to your inner wisdom and guidance.
  • Apply proven manifestation tools based on neuroscience and quantum physics
  • Bring awareness to the ways you sabotage yourself and learn how to get back on track.
  • Engage with a group of like-minded individuals to accelerate actualizing your deepest desires.

People tend to get trapped into waiting for their life and what they want to show up, and it when it doesn’t, get disheartened. You are the creator of this masterpiece that is your life in this body. Experience the aliveness that comes from stepping into your greatness and the limitless power of creation.

Stop waiting and start creating. Sign up for 2020 Vision Prince George today.